Behaviour Consultation

Is your dogs behaviour problematic?

I will work with you to resolve all complex behavioural and training issues you may be having, such as:


  • Aggression towards people and other dogs.
  • Phobias/Noise Sensitivity towards traffic, fireworks
  • Anxiety and Separation disorders.
  • Leash Reactivity such as barking and lunging on walks.


This includes:


Consultation and Diagnosis (Approximately 2 hours), this allows me to fully asses your situation. During this we will put in place safety and management steps and devise a training plan to show how best handle situations to improve your dogs behaviour.


Cost: €175 

What does this entail?

Behavioural issues involving fear and reactivity are complex and best tackled over an extended period. During this I remain in regular contact and give support throughout this process. This could entail of follow on sessions or a group class depending on how well training is going. This will be discussed during our initial visit what the best approach is as it can vary case by case.


The first step may involve a full health check with your Veterinarian, this could be suggested as precautionary and necessary to rule out any physical causes for the problem behaviour, particularly if this behaviour has only started recently. I will send an assessment questionnaire to get some more background details and advise what type of sessions may suit best.


Not sure if this is what you need?! Dealing with these type of behaviours can be very stressful for owners and dogs. Please call me directly and we can discuss options.


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Not sure whether your dog’s problems require behavioural work or if they might just benefit from some basic training. Drop us a quick message and let us advise you on which option is most suited to your needs.

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