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A-Z With Your New Puppy

‘Getting a new puppy will be fun!’ they said…but now you’re having sleepless nights and tearing your hair out!


At Pawfection, we understand the importance of early learning and socialisation. The first few weeks and months of a puppy’s development are critical in establishing behaviour and temperament. This can be stressful and overwhelming, particularly for first-time owners.


For this reason, we have designed the Puppy ‘Life Skills’ Four-Lesson Package to help provide the best possible start on your exciting new journey of pet ownership. These practical-based sessions are ideal for those who in are in their first couple of weeks with a new puppy. (Or for those who are still awaiting completion on their puppy’s vaccinations and are unable to take part in our Puppy Playschool classes.)


Please contact us directly to schedule your Initial Visit to put a step-by-step plan in place and get off to the Pawfect start!



Puppy ‘Life Skills’ Four-Lesson Package – €320

  • Initial Visit (on or before Puppy’s arrival): Run through everything you need to concentrate on in the first week. Focuses on getting into good routines/habits, building confidence, and gaining independence.
  • 2nd Lesson – Start to incorporate little bits of training into everyday life. This includes good house manners, self-control exercises, and how prevent overexcitement when visitors call.
  • 3rd/4th Lesson – Accompany you on walks to demonstrate the most appropriate ways of introducing Puppy to the world. ‘Socialisation’ is a buzz word you may have heard about, but a fine balance is necessary. You want Puppy to learn to be calm, attentive, and ‘anti-social’ (to begin with) so they first learn to see what is going on around them before letting them further interact with the world.


After the Initial Visit, subsequent Lessons are flexibly scheduled to suit your needs. Ongoing support is provided throughout the entire Plan. If you are ever in need of help in-between Lessons, just shout!

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