Agility is a FUN, FAST-paced sport for humans and canines to enjoy!


Looking to take your dog’s skills to the next level? Let’s face it, standard obedience training can sometimes be very dull and boring. When finding yourself constantly telling a dog to ‘sit’ or ‘stay,’ things can become very static so it can be hard to keep motivation levels up. The answer is NOT just bribery with treats! The key to having an attentive and focused dog is to make this learning process enjoyable and fun. We do this through constructive games of play so that your dog learns to engage with you over the environment…not going after the dog in the distance or chasing after that squirrel. Instead, they are CHOOSING to interact with you!


‘Starter’ Group

€140 5 sessions
Sundays 12 Noon
Venue: Coolmine Equestrian Centre, Saggart, Co Dublin

Beginner course for those who want to get a taste of what the sport entails. There is so much more than just training equipment and running fast! We will look at handling skills, developing focus off lead, ‘trick’ training, and shaping and building value with obstacles. This course is suitable for younger, adolescent dogs. However, please note that full contacts, or physical jumping work, will not be done with those who are under 18 months. It is not recommended to do so as they are still physically maturing. ‘Poles on floor’ are an option for those not yet old enough. (Still just as fun!)


‘Agility Addicts’

Coming soon!


For those who have caught the bug and wish to attend classes on an ongoing basis for fun, or who are thinking about entering competitions. This will be a relaxed social group, so there will still be (fun!) work, but with the tea and chats afterwards if you that way inclined!


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