Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we are pleased to offer REMOTE TRAINING at a discounted rate.

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Canine ‘Life Skills’ Course

Our ‘Life Skills’ package offers training for those who may not be able to attend a group class due to time constraints.


Canine ‘Life Skills’ Course includes:

  • Building Focus and Listening Skills around distractions.
  • Recall, to be fast and reliable regardless of the environment.
  • Loose-Lead Walking.
  • House Manners and how to greet guests.
  • Dealing With Over-Excitement and/or ‘acting up’ for attention.


Cost: €320 for 4 Sessions (Tailored to Your Dog’s Needs!)


If you would like help with training an isolated issue, we would suggest an Individual/1-2-1 Training instead. In many cases, we can achieve desired results in a single visit or two. During these visits, we put into place the foundations for success, which is achieved with consistent work, patience, and dedication!


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Not sure whether your dog’s problems require behavioural work or if they might just benefit from some basic training. Drop us a quick message and let us advise you on which option is most suited to your needs.

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