Puppy Playdates

Suitable for young dogs up to 19 weeks
Theese early stages of your puppys life are crticial in the development or behaviour and temperment. Socialisiing your puppy with other one dogs and people at this stage is hugely important.

What happens at our playdates sessions?

Our puppy playdates provide a supervised structured off leash fun werby puppys can learn how to interact with other dogs and play in safe and controlled environment. Dogs should be exposed to lots of different stimuli and experiences at an early age to develop confidence. We will teach them appropriate social skills and help you how to understand how to interpret play behaviour and canine communication.

When is it on?

Saturdays 10am


10 euro ( Places are limited so do try book in advance to avoid disapointment )
No equipment needed just a flat collar and harness we will take care of everthing else!

Proof of vaccinations will be taken when attending on your first week and you will be asked to sign in on arrival each week. We welcome all the Family attend with their new puppy, but we do ask that children be supervised carefully at all times by a parent or gardian. Safety will be paramount and its important to be aware that dogs will be offleash during playtime and thier may be a chance they jump up or run into you and Please avoid bringing children under 5 years old.


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Rory Maguire and Bear the Rottie