Behaviour consutation

Behaviour Consultation

Is your dogs behviour problematic? We can work with you to resolve all complex behavioural and training issues you may be having, such as:

  • Aggression towards people and other dogs.
  • Noise Sensitivity
  •  Phobias
  • Anxiety
  • Attention seeking and Separation disorders.
  • Leash Reactivity such as barking and lunging on walks.

This includes:

Consultation and Diagnosis (Approximately 2 hours)
Detail step by step behaviour modification and training plan
Full aftercare home support for 6 months.

Cost: €175

Additional follow up practical sessions may be required and are charged at €65. The amount of these sessions can vary depending on the severity of the issue. This will be discussed during the initial consultation.

For enquiries call Kevin Geraghty on 083 836 9988

What does this entail?

The first step will involve a full health check with your Veterinarian, this is precautionary and necessary to rule out any physical causes for the problem behaviour, particularly if this has only started recently. Following this you will then complete a behavioural assessment questionnaire and our Canine Behaviourist will contact you to arrange a home consultation. During this visit, we can discuss and assess the problem and put in place a temporary management strategy.  After this meeting you will receive a personal step by step behaviour training plan.

A Pawfection we support the work of local charities and are happy to provide assistance and a discount to those who have made a choice to adopt from the rescue

I turned to Kevin when my dog of 7 years started to exhibit signs of separation anxiety. Kevin helped us to work with Toby to settle him before we left the house and to change our own patterns of behavior that were not helping Toby. He has remained in contact on a regular basis checking in on Toby since our consultation showing how much he cares for his canine charges. I would absolutely recommend Kevin as his easygoing style and relaxed manner makes it easy to see how you are going to be successful in your training.
Ed Webster