Agility Courses – New for Autumn 2019!

Looking to take your training to the next level…? But, maybe you (and your dog) find ‘formal’ obedience to be very static and lets face it…boring! The main reason dogs do not listen to their owners is because they get no feedback, they choose the environment over you, and they learn to ‘act up’ for attention. For example, when your dog runs off with another dog/person/squirrel etc., this creates a situation where they get their kicks from the ensuing game of you chasing them.

Agility is a fast and fun paced sport for both owners and dogs to enjoy! This is a fantastic way of developing your relationship together. It is not just all ‘helter skelter’. It requires a great deal of listening skills and team work to negotiate the obstacle course together.

Venue: Coolmine Equestrian Centre, Coolmine, Saggart, Co. Dublin

A fantastic indoor arena! Sessions can continue to run in rain, hail, or snow going into the long, dark winters.

Starters’ 5-Week Group Course, €140
Begins Sunday, 28th September, 12pm-1pm

Beginner course for those who want to get a taste of what the sport entails. There is so much more than just training equipment and running fast! We will look at handling skills, developing focus and listening skills off lead, ‘trick’ training, shaping and building value with obstacles.

This course is suitable for adolescent dogs, however please note that any full contacts or jump work will not be done with dogs who are under 18 months. This is for their safety and is not recommended.

Email or ring Kevin at 083 836 9988 to book your place.

Space is limited! Secure your place soon.

Pawfect Agility Club – Coming Soon

This option will be available in the future for those who have caught the bug and wish to join a social group to continue on an ongoing basis.