Unlike other professions, dog training is unregulated. When looking for an expert to entrust with your dogs’ needs, it is important  to research both their skills and  knowledge. With the myriad of different organisations and the plethora of courses to become a dog trainer, choosing the right person can be a minefield for the pet owner. When working particularly with dogs who have an aggressive nature, those calling themselves “Behaviourists” should have a relevant degree in Animal Behaviour.

Animal Behaviour and learning theory is a science. Punitive and aversive training methods, using fear and force, will exacerbate problems. Our aim at Pawfection is to help owners build a relationship with their dog based on trust.  We can teach you the skills and give you an understanding of how dogs learn and what motivates your pooches behaviour.

Kevin Geraghty

Kevin Geraghty is an independent Canine Behaviour and training consultant. His background and experience stems from a rescue environment, caring and working with dogs with behavioural issues and particularly those with a fearful and nervous disposition. Kevin has graduated from the University of Hull with a BSc Hons in Canine Behaviour and Training. This is one of the leading accredited courses in the UK, requiring an extensive five years of study covering the latest up to date scientific research and principles of behaviour learning theory. He is also a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild and regularly attends training and behaviour seminars held by leading animal behaviour scientists.


A Fantastic trainer, we have seen huge improvements from our one to one sessions with Kevin. He has a very calm and relaxed demeanour which our Labrador Maxwell instantly connected with. Training was made simple and was enjoyable for us and our Dog.
Jim Curran